Sunday, April 29, 2007


I just tweaked my blogroll of links to the left, adding a few and deleting a few (sorry Atrios and Largehearted Boy, but you don't really need my link love anyway).

The best new add is Biblioklept, a nice mix of literate intelligence, pop cultural sass and cross disciplinary mayhem. I found it by chance a few months ago. They're from my home state of Florida, not that it makes a difference.

They also turned me on to this video of Robert Crumb's simple but ingenious A Short History of America (excerpted from Terry Zwigoff's great documentary Crumb).

If you like that, check out FLOG! Fantagraphic Books is the premier publisher of high quality alternative (they used to call 'em underground) comics, and this is their highly irreverent blog.

A few weeks ago I also added a link to Matt Taibbi's online only political column, The Low Post (his Spanking the Donkey was one of my favorite books of 2005). Acerbic current events commentary at its finest, and as I've said before, Taibbi's one of only two reasons the decrepit Rolling Stone remains worth a read (Get Your War On is the other).