Wednesday, March 28, 2007


In one of those "hell freezes over" moments, Oprah names Cormac McCarthy's ultra-bleak post apocalyptic novel The Road as her new book club selection. I can't wait 'til the people that bought into the new age blather of her previous pick get ahold of this one.

No power of positive thinking here, folks. Just dark intense violence and cannibalism.

(A copy of The Road sits on my shelf and awaits, but a Pynchonian airship still commands my attention).


Anonymous Cupcake said...

I hope you are making lots of progress on the Pynchon!!

11:58 PM  
Blogger Tom Sutpen said...

Knowing what I know of Oprah Book Club selections (not a heckuva lot; and deliberately so in all honesty), I'm flabbergasted that anything by Cormac McCarthy would end up in that literary menagerie.

Optimists would entertain the idea that this heralded a sharp rise in the values which determine such selections. Myself . . . I have to assume someone misread the dustjacket and thought it appropriately uplifting middlebrow pap.

If anyone in her outfit made this decision deliberately, then I'd nominate that person for Subversive of the Year, and celebrate him or her accordingly.

7:05 PM  
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