Monday, May 05, 2008


Tom Waits' "press conference" announcing his summer Glitter and Doom tour below brought Winona and I a bit of disappointment, though it is a real hoot.

We were hoping to catch him here on the west coast somewhere, and not in Birmingham, Alabama in July.

Though I do feel those poor Waits fans in Birmingham (and Tulsa and Knoxville) probably deserve to see him more than my lady or I.

Lucky them.


Blogger Uncle Jesse said...

that's cool he's using that title from that great german art show of last year. some other artists used that title for a show recently, too. i don't know, though, they were visual artists using a title from another visual artist show. i think it's cool for artists to re-use titles from other disciplines (like writers using pop song titles for essays, or musicians taking titles from paintings). but a visual artist using a title from another visual artist show, with not much time passing between shows, just seems kinda lame.
it's a perfect title for a tom waits tour. hope he makes an album with that title.

7:43 AM  
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