Friday, December 15, 2006

SHORT CUTS (Scared of Santa edition)

Uncle Jesse's got some video of Eureka's annual Xmas trucker parade (which, to my shame, after eleven years in Humboldt county I've still never witnessed in person).

To most little kids, Santa's almost as scary as a clown.

A brutal stocking stuffer for the metalhead on your list.

Woody Guthrie does Hanukkah.

Even Charles Dickens said 'Bah Humbug" occasionally.

Someone did a mashup of 2400 Xmas songs.

(via boingboing , which also shows us that Santa used to love guns. )


Blogger Some Girl said...

When is the trucker parade?
I must go next year.

My blog bows it's head in deference to yours...

How the fk are you?
(aka Lisa de Esco
now in Frisco)

3:16 PM  
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