Sunday, March 19, 2006


In the past few months we've been lucky enough locally to see under-the-radar musical assaults by the likes of dadaist crazies Sunburned Hand of the Man, drone avatars The No Neck Blues Band and most recently, Jackie O Motherfucker, all in the comfort of the living room of stately Samoa manor, headquarters of local noise heroes Starving Weirdos. It's nice (and rare in these parts) to see such imaginative and challenging music in homey, friendly surroundings and the bands seem to appreciate it too.

Well, those very same Weirdos have a brand new interview in the food issue of Viceland, snarky hipster online tentacle of Vice magazine.

Well done, Weirdos!


Anonymous amir said...

I fondly remember the Sunburned Hand of Man performance at the Samoa house. Krautrock basslines with lead "vocalist" chanting "NO WAY OUT" ad infinitum, and not a reference to the shitty movie with Kevin Costner and the perpetually useless (and washed up) Sean Young...

9:47 AM  
Anonymous pinky royale said...

Amir, you son of a bitch! How dare you thump on Sean Young! If it weren't for her, and those daring Merchant-Ivory fellows, everything you love about cinema would be extinct. That holy trinity, Young-Merchant-Ivory, has made this country, nay, this WORLD great, and in a round about way that were also responsible for the availability of your precious Krautrock in this withered land of pop tripe. Sean Young founded Neu! for fucks sake. Learn your history!
Prove me wrong!

5:50 AM  
Blogger yawn shade said...

I see life is still a game of kevin bacon. didn't john lithgow teach us anything in footloose?

12:15 PM  
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11:10 AM  

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