Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Guitar genius Nels Cline guests on Mike Watt's radio show and chats interestingly for the better part of an hour about being a Sonic Youth fanboy at Rhino Records, apprenticing with Charlie Haden, his Wilco setup and their new music, and how he finally reconciled his jazz and rock sides (the interview's right after Watt's traditional Coltrane opener and a piece by Nels and Jeremy Drake).

For all you lo-fi folks, its a 32 K stream, so there's no excuse not to check it out.

Jonathan Lethem, Rick Moody and John Darneille discuss the confluence of pop and literature.

Here's George W. Bush caught red handed on tape. It's obvious from this it wasn't just Brownie that was out of his depth in the Katrina disaster. Maybe this time he'll finally pay a price for his incompetent boobishness.

History has taught me not to hold my breath about such things, though.

UPDATE: The New York Times buried the story on page 16A and other mainstream media outlets are underplaying it. Our president couldn't possibly be a lazy disengaged liar, hmm?

So much for the so called "liberal media".