Wednesday, December 14, 2005


At first I thought that indie hipster darling Devendra Banhart was an overhyped Marc Bolan wannabe, but after reading the following exchange I've reconsidered. It turns out he's truly fighting the good fight.

From a recent interview in The Believer magazine:
The Believer: I heard you got into a fight with Sammy Hagar.

Devendra Banhart: Yeah. when I started out, I didn't have a booking agent or a good label or anything like that, and I was playing really shitty shows. A friend booked a show for me at a place in L.A. that's also a sushi restaurant. At the time, I was way into Patty Waters and Diamanda Galas and Yoko Ono. I liked their confrontational, screeching styles--using your voice as an instrument--and I would do a lot of a cappella singing. I would strum a chord and hold the guitar up and sing the song in that key. It's a lot of falsetto, and I'd hold that for as long as I could. And this is a sushi restaurant, so, like, nobody's having it. And Sammy Hagar and his posse are trying to eat their spider roll or whatever. He looks like a canned pickle, or beef jerky, and you can hear him talking and talking, and I'm just doing my thing. I'm in a kind of trance, and he asks them to put the jukebox on. "Put on some Van Halen!" he says. and they do. Really fucking loud. Of course I'm aware of it, and I just start spitting in their sushi [phlegmy hacking sounds], and then the next one [more phlegmy hacking sounds], and I'm frothing at the mouth and it's all landing right in their food. So Sammy gets up, and he's got this really nasty curly blond hair, and I just grab it, sort of latch onto it. I'm pulling his hair and he's trying to grab me, and i end up on their table, and eventually we get pulled apart and I get asked to leave.

The Believer: Did you ever play there again?

Devendra Banhart: No, never. I would play there again though. Sammy, man, I'm waiting for the fucking rematch.


Anonymous amir said...

Sammy Van Hagar - what a worthless sack of shit. He should permanently relocate to his gay-ass Cabo Wabo bar in Mexico so us sane people can be free of his vocal stylings once and for all. Devendra's new cd "Cripple Creek" is very good - dark, moody, and oddly beautiful.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous pinky royale said...

I would have paid good money, even risked homelessness doling out the bills, to see this. Sammy Hagar, and sadly, anyone that has ever had anything to do with Van Halen, needs to be put deep, deep underground, in a lead vault. Christ. Has Sammy Hagar EVER written or performed a good song? And what kind of pompous, shit eating bag of washed up rock star shit requests his own BAND on the jukebox? Twenty bucks says his friends must have rolled their eyes and winced in embarrassment when they heard him request Van Halen. I wouldn't be surprised if he did that every where he went.
Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with him, or Diamond Dave?
Me? I'd rather drink a pint of Andrea Dworkin's period blood, take a potato peeler to my dick, and then slam my head in a sliding glass door than take either on of the turds.
The end is Nigh!

9:05 PM  
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