Sunday, June 19, 2005


The recent unmasking of the major source behind Woodward and Bernstein's expose of the Nixon administration has shown how far the mainstream media has become corrupted in the last three decades.

A recent case in point: the very same Washington Post that uncovered Nixon's crimes recently published this petty ad hominem attack on the Conyers hearing on the damning Downing Street Memo that wouldn't seem out of place on Fox News. (Representive Conyers ably responds in a letter to the Post here).

PBS is fast becoming the Petroleum Broadcasting Network, paying out slush money to Republican lobbyists. Sure, the New York Times uncovered that particular story, but they still pretend the Downing Street memo story doesn't exist, deriding its importance. A 2002 prewar smoking gun document comes to light that shows that "intelligence and facts were being fixed" by the Bush administration to get us in an untenable war with "little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action", but they don't really want to make waves.

We can't expect to get the real skinny from these co-opted dinosaurs, so instead lets get the scoop from folks like Greg Palast, Amy Goodman and Seymour Hersh.